Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Dear Diary...lil tour of my home and projects.

So even though I live miles from the beach now and live near the
Adirondacks...I still love my beach cottage style...Eh...someday
I will live near the beach again!

Here's some pics I took of some beach decor I use around the
house...just touches of it anyway. :D

Found this shelf at goodwill a long time ago, decided to paint
it black.

This beachy touch is in my downstairs bathroom. Shelves were
an Ebay find.
Beachy grass was repurposed from a Dollar General find, I love
my seagull, shell soap holder was a thrift find.
Glass jar was a thift find...rocks were picked up from my
favorite beach in WA...Larrabee beach!
My beachy basket is my favorite find and holds my Coastal Living
magazines. :)
Recently picked this old chair up off the side of the road.
Put my favoritest Ikea pillow on it for now.

My walls are painted Cafe La Te...I wanted some white canvas art,
so my 11 yr old son drew me this pic...it is almost an exact replica
of the canvas art in Pottery Barn!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Only I paid
just 3.00 for mine! :)

Redid some pillows on my bed. Took a lovely chocolate brown
curtain I had for 8 bucks and made some pillow shams from
it. The photography was a photo a took from my hike on Mt.
Touches of beach on my dresser.
Found these scrolly candle thingy's at a thrift store for .50
a piece!!

Got my creative juices flowing and decided to work on some
fall outfits for my girls. Here's a skirt I made last night
from pants, quilt scraps, jean skirt, and a shirt! :)

I'm linking up at A Soft Place to Land to show off my beach
cottage!!! :)



Jen said...

Oh my word, you are so, SO talented!!! Love the black, the chair, the artwork, everything:)

Audra said...

Love the way the house is shaping up. Your creativity knows no bounds, my dear friend. The skirts for the girls are gorgeous, I saw some in a "chi chi boutique" in Sedona, Arizona almost exactly like yours...$109.00! Yep...for little girls skirts...$109.00! Can you believe it?

Thank you for your thoughtful words...things are looking up as they always do, not dreading the move, just sorry to be leaving this house but excited to move on to the next adventure. This move is affording me the chance to move on and clear out lots of extra stuff I thought I needed to keep. I wish I had the where with all to just let it all go and start from scratch...maybe if we move cross country some time I will do just that!

I missed blogging more than I thought, glad to be back. Also...we will know if College Diva needs surgery for female issue on Friday. Prayers are always appreciated.


Decorchick! said...

Hi Aubrey! I LOVE all of your photos. You are one talented lady that's for sure!! Your bedroom looks beautiful too!

HOPE said...

I'll be sure to bring that BOTTLE OF BEACH SAND to you when we visit!!!


GREAT ARTIST..wow and he's MY G'SON!

And what a sweet model...guitar and all...


A.B. said...

It's all loveliness! and I sigh...wishing my house
looked like yours. You're the best!!!!!
Wishes for a peaceful day for you and yours.
Love ya!

Vintagesouthernlife said...

Great beach accents and a talented little artist!

J.H said...

your house look super cozy!!! You have a real talent on home decorating. Not to mention that I love your eiffel tower sketch :-)

carla said...

Like the chair - LOVE the drawing by your son.

He has real talent.

carla said...

And the photo of your daughter with the guitar is really sweet.