Thursday, August 12, 2010

Dear pic

Well, it struck me this morning as I was reading blogs
that I rarely have pics taken of me with my kids,
BECAUSE I'm the one behind the lens. So I think
I will try the timer on my camera every month and
catch some family pics. I know this sounds morbid,
but with soldier gone, I'm more aware of how fragile
life is and how quickly time passes....if something
happened to me...what pics do my children have of
US doing all the wonderful adventures together?

You know how it is, hair has to be just right, makeup,
clothes matching, shoes....but it's not reality, least
not in my world...I'm lucky if I put mascara on, shave
both legs, and usually have my hair up...and not fashionably
I might add. The real me is who my children see
everyday...and maybe I should work on capturing that
image in photography!


Reminded me of how God sees us...He looks at our heart!
When I look in the mirror, I see flaws and imperfections
things I wish did not find gravity...things I wish stood
in one place...a wrinkle here...a blot there. I also see
how vain I can be...physically and materialistically.
Then I remember with great gratitude and joy that when my
Heavenly Father sees me...He sees the righteousness of His
Son...I am whole and perfect...He loves me just the way I
Army Wife~


Sarah said...

That is an awesome photo and a great post! And I'm in love with Ziggy! I need to come hang out again so I can spend some time with you again!

HOPE said...

It's true...we photographers forget WE need to be in some of these cherished moments also!!

Love this...and the kids with kitties!

and Soldier will be proud of MOM holding the FORT with the little troopers!


Vanessa said...

I totally understand that feeling! I know I don't have many pictures of me and the kids I definitely need to take myself out of the background and back into the pictures again

J.H said...

Your word makes me think "life is fragile". I often never thought about that. You are right, who can guarantee that me or my husband will be here tomorrow. A good reminder for me to treasure every second together :-)
Btw, I know this idea will sounded super silly, but if you fancy a trip for christmas break or next school break (and somewhat have a fund to do so), you could try to fly here to England. We have spare rooms and not to mention loads of christian friends here that can take you around. I am sure this will make the 8 month feel easier to bear :-) God bless you my friend.

carla said...

Great family photo. I was just thinking the other day how really few pictures we have of all 4 of us, especially when they were growing up. I was always saying "I don't want to be in the picture", which I now know was stupid.

However, we did have this one that was taken at Olan Mills Studio, when our oldest was about 15. It was so bad that the employee didn't even try to make a sales pitch. Just goes to show what can happen when you drag a boy to a photography session against his will. :-)

A.B. said...

I know I will look forward to monthly pics!!!
I need to do the same thing, I have next to zero photos of myself.
I couldn't even find a recent profile pic for my blog.
Love the real you girl, and the encouragement to be real!