Sunday, August 15, 2010

Dear Diary...I DID it! I climbed Mt Marcy!

This climb was on my Bucket List...somewhere I don't remember what
number, cuz I always lose my list and have to rewrite it every
year, but anyway it's filed somewhere "up there" and I
mentally scratch it off my list with great satisfaction and
joy when I do that!!! Some of my lists consist of doing things
within a five-year period. This one however, was on my
list of "things to do before I leave New York"! My list is
pretty long:

1. Visit statue of liberty
2. Empire state building
2. Ground Zero
3. Nagra Falls
4. Go on a hot air balloon ride
5. Climb Mt Washington (highest peak in New Hampshire)
6. Camp on Cape Cod in Maine
7.Visit Boston and Plymoth Rock

I wonder if any of my computer friends keep lists like
this....I hope they'll share some of theirs :D

Mt Marcy is the highest peak in the Adirondacks as well
as New York. Friday at 4am I woke up fully dressed to
go hiking, gear packed ready to go. It was a 2 hour and 40
minute trip to the Adirondack state park.
We(hiking buddies)started the hike at around 7:30.
After about 3 miles we reached Marcy Dam pictured below.
We had to register in two different places
I was disappointed that I didn't see any wildlife, cept for
some birds and a chipmunk.
The trail started fairly easy with boards covering muddy areas.
This is the footbridge over Marcy Dam.
After a couple miles, we came to our first trail signs, with
trails breaking off in different directions.
After another mile, the trail began to get rockier and I
do mean rockier, as you can see, we began boulder hopping
so to speak...we had to calculate our steps and using our
hiking sticks to save our least mine. :P
after a few miles, we noticed no signs, and when we
did... the trail split in two, one way pointing
to Mt Phelps and the other way...well who knew?
Because we decided not to wait on the High Peak info center
to open to get a map.....We knew we would hike somewhat
around Phelps, but eenie meenie miny mo...we took the other
route and inwardly I was praying we were on the right trail
to Mt. much for everyone telling me the trail
was well marked. :P
We continued hiking up...gaining elevation quickly, I
thought of how people all around me are walking the
trail of life with no assurance of where they will end
up...they "HOPE" they are on the right path, but they
aren't reading the map, or seeing the signs. Right then
on the trail I was suddenly very thankful that God gave
me a map and a sign that I am indeed on the right path
headed for Heaven and there are signs everywhere in my
life, in my heart, and in His Word that I'm on the path
to Heaven. Funny how you can be out in the middle of nowhere
and God gives you a message! Too bad I can't preach. haha

When we got above the treeline, we followed these
yellow blazes painted on the rocks.
These rock formations are also used to lead the way to the
summit...they're called Rock Cairns.
We thought the rocks could not possible get bigger...but boy
were we wrong...they were bigger than me...much bigger...The
last mile was nothing but rock climbing only without a
harness or carabiners....although not liking heights I
was kinda wishing for some as this point.
I stubbornly refused to wear hiking boots...insisting on
wearing my trail running shoes...big mistake! My feet
are still hurting from walking over so much rock and
boulders...We rarely saw much dirt on the trail after
the first three miles.
So it turns out I didn't give myself enough credit for
being able to do this hike...I was nervous about it
to tell you the truth and figured it was gonna be
sure willpower and determination that got me to the
summit. We made super good time and arrived at the
summit peak an hour or so earlier than we calculated
This marker marks the summit!
We could see Lake Placid from Mt Marcy too.
The whole way hiking I was silently asking God to give
us clarity when we reached the summit so we could see all
the peaks of the Adirondaks and just enjoy the summit views.
I knew that afternoon summiting would limit any visibility and
we probably would be summiting in a huge fog. When we
reached the top we could see ALL the peaks. There was
some black menacing clouds in the distance that the
Ranger told us they sorta freaked him out, but the funny
thing was that they hadn't moved all morning. I smiled
to myself, thanking God that he kept the storm cloud
away until we made our summit. It was beautiful and
breathless and what an exhilarating feeling to be
standing on the highest peak in New York and accomplish
a mission I had set out to do. I felt pretty good!
Eating an MRE in honor of my hubby :D Pretty Gross!
Plaque honoring the man who first climbed Mt.Marcy.
We finished the hike in 10 hours...about 15 miles total.
So now I've shared my story....:D Now I need to go
soak these sore muscles.


A.B. said...

Lovely! and great pics.
Cheers on the accomplishment!
But really,that second to last photo, O my word!
I have got to tell you that I really HATE MRE's.
A friend of ours told us that the newer version isn't half bad
and ....long story short we bought more than one case via craig's list.
He was sooo wrong!!!
They are utterly revolting,
not to mention full of plastic trash making them heavy to boot.
I am sending them, with much gratitude,
to "bless" the upcoming Father/Son camping hiking retreat.
Just for the record, when we start hiking the AT
we will do something other than MRE's. Even if I have to bring all the food. LOL!
Yeah, okay I am a food snob. sigh!

HOPE said...

WHEW...better you than me!!! Great pics and so happy you accomplished the worst on the list?? right? I think there is an elevator with the Statue of Liberty!! LOL

Nigara Falls...PLEASE don't decided to take a canoe ride over the top!!!

Praise the LORD the "message" given to your heart.

Love, hugs... and MY answered prayer NO BEARS!

J.H said...

wow, so proud of you Aubrey! That's an amazing accomplishment.
I believe the view makes your hikes really really worthed :-) Thanks for sharing.