Thursday, August 19, 2010

Dear Diary....thinking

Started back to school on Monday. Holistic Nutrition and Anatomy
and Physiology II. Four kids also started school on Monday.
Praise the Lord I will not have to buy any curriculum :)

Started the meditarranean diet Monday, part of my holistic
nutrition class, must keep food journal, so far so good. I
went to the farmer's market and heaped up on a bunch of
produce and GRASS FED BEEF...I'm in heaven.

Trying to figure out when I'll have time to paint the
two walls left in my living room!

Soldier is now moved and encamped somewhere in the middle
of the country with no internet or phone. I heard from
him once last week when they went to the big MWR for
supplies a couple hours away. It's mixed feelings when
I do hear from him...I LOVE hearing from him, but I
also miss him more and feel kinda depresses the rest
of the day...then sometimes it keeps me going. Weird huh?

Hopefully next week will go better, this week I got
in a confrontation with a parent and her bully at the
park, cell phone died...literally won't work, missed
hubby's call by one minute when I was in the grocery
store, spilled honey in the back of the car, and ruined
a favorite shirt!

On the upside, I gave a tithe to the Lord at church at
the nudging of the Holy Spirit fully trusting God would
meet my needs...well, what do you know I did a load of
laundry that afternoon and found the exact amount of
money I had placed in the offering. Didn't even know I
had that money. Isn't God good!!!

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1 comment:

HOPE said...

PRAISE THE LORD!!!!! and for your yeilding to the Holy Spirits leading...GOD IS GOOD!!! if only more people would STEP OUT on faith and let him show his greatness!!!

In the moments of stress and disappointment..remember HE said to us..

when I am weak..then HE is strong!!!

God will take care of all your needs..including the BULLIES..BAD MAMA...

Love and hugs with much prayer always..