Wednesday, December 29, 2010

army wives

I'm not liking the army so much right now...I'm 9 months into deployment...ready to be over with and have my whole family back together. Got news today one of my best friends is leaving ...they got their orders today and they are leaving the first of is the life of an army wife. You lose your husband for awhile and then you lose your friends. You wonder how often you'll stay in touch with those friends...or if you'll ever see them again. You wonder how you could possibly become so close with another person in such a short time...except that logic would reason that so is the life of army wives...we cling to one another and find common ground and support each other during deployment, frustrations, ect...and then just as fast as we become close, we are torn apart.

I don't think I will ever get used to saying goodbye...although being in the army it's expected that you will find yourself saying goodbye and starting over many times throughout you're husband's career. Perhaps some army wives bond closer because they know their friendship is but for a season and they cherish every time they are together. At least that's how my friends and I see it.

This christmas although my husband was missing,was special in that it was shared with another army family....actually several. I was host to 13 kids and 8 adults on Christmas Day. My initial reaction to this Christmas was to take the kids out for Chinese and do nothing till my soldier got home. But when the kids handed me their wish list and all four stated they wanted a BIG Christmas dinner...I gave in and decided to fill the house with friends and lots of food and music and that's just what we did.

Amanda reading a Christmas story.

Posing in our Christmas Pajamas...two little ones are sharing Christmas eve with us.

The kids and I were estatic to SKYPE with Michael on Christmas morning! We prayed that night he would be able to get on and chat with the kids on Christmas!

This year I decided to do a patriotic tree! With lots of toys soldiers, stars and stripes!!there was lots of good singing and guitar playing!

even hot tea drinking! heehee

Till next time~ Aubrey

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