Monday, March 14, 2011

Birthday Girl Gets A Big Girl Room Makeover

My daughter's birthday is in a couple of weeks and she just recently got her own bedroom! She requested a room makeover for her birthday. Since we are leaving in a few weeks for a month long vacation, we decided to surprise her a little early so she could enjoy before we left!!!!

No more Dora, Cinderella, or My Little Pony....she wanted a BIG girl room all about Horses!!!

She LOVES horses and what a surprise it was to her!!! :) Although I think I got more excited about the whole project than she! Daddy was a HUGE help...we did this makeover in one day...He blindfolded her and did the big reveal! :)

Horse mural is from Pottery Barn...yeah, I know...I SPLURGED big time, BUT simply had to be the best horse ANYTHING that I could put in her room and she wanted PINK...everything else I saw was too western.

Lots of pink and white polka dots....I painted the knobs on the bedside table and dresser to give it more character and look "polka-dotty"! :)

Ribbon came from Michaels....added to mirror, curtain tie back and to picture frame above her bed. So excited I found the print in the ribbon similar to the picture frame(Target) on her dresser and the piggy bank (Target).

Lamp(Target) Curtain (Target) rod came from Dollar General last year and I spray-painted it black...I love how the scrolly ends match the ribbon ect. The polk-dot photo box was sale purchase from Joann's a couple years ago.

Haleigh wanted an "H" in her room somewhere...because H is for haleigh and horses! :) So I bought this wooden H from Michael's and painted it the same color as I did the knobs...glued it to the black paper and used this frame I already had...tied with ribbon to finish. She loved it!

Here is the happy birthday girl!!!So what do you think??? Did we pull of the BIG girl room makeover???? :)


HOPE said...

BEAUTIFUL!!! that is one HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY present and girl!!!

You and Soldier did a fantastic job and with all that you saved..the horse pic made up!!! so you are even in your saving-makeover!! Good for you!


Sarah said...

YOu guys did such an awesome job! I'm so impressed and a little jealous! LOL

Tammy @ Type A said...

i love it! the horse mural was worth the splurge, it's perfect. i have a party that starts later today, i would love it if you shared this!

Carrie said...

It's beautiful! Amanda would love it, too. It was so good to talk to you last week, and I'm excited to see you in April. See you soon!

sonyamacdesigns said...

yes U most def. got it

radn said...

Love the mural! My daughter loves horses too and she has a pony bedding that I splurged on. Sometimes it feels worthwhile! It brings the room togather!

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Ramblings of a Mad Woman said...

Looks great! I love it!! :)

Jessica said...

This is beautiful Aubrey, tell Haleigh we wish her a very happy birthday! I hope you are enjoying every minute with your soldier!

Audra said...

Fantastic job on the new "pre-teen" room (omg...doesn't that word scare you almost as much as teenager?).

You did an incredible job on putting it all together and the picture from PB...rounds out the room perfectly, so worth the splurge.

Happy Birthday to your darling, I can tell from the smile on her face it was a fantastic day!


Anonymous said...

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