Friday, March 11, 2011

welcome home soldier

*happy dance* my soldier is home!!!!!!!!!!! The kids decorated a welcome home sign....Haleigh wrote a poem.....
Voilets are bue,
Roses are not grey,
I'm so happy you're coming home today!

Soldiers marched in and the national anthem is sung!

Have a lovely weekend~ I know I will


Agnes said...

Oh Aubrey there are no words.... I am so happy for you.


HOPE said...

WELCOME HOME SOLDIER...answered prayers!!!! PRAISE THE LORD for his goodness and mercies to you all.

WISH we were HUG YOU!!!



LeAnn said...

YEAH!!!!!!!!!!! So very happy for you!

Sarah said...

Welcome home Michael! So excited for you Aubrey. I know you and the kids are beside yourselves! LOL Can't wait to see you all again!

Jessica said...

Yeah, so thankful Michael is home! So happy for you all!

Christie Perkins said...

AWESOMENESS!!!!! how EXCITING!!! im sooo super happy for you ALL! Glad hes home safe! =) by the way, LOVE the CR dress! =)

Anonymous said...

Again.. So happy for you guys! Praise the Lord for answered prayers! Love you!

Deborah said...

Wondeful news!

Audra said...

Give your soldier a hug and a huge thanks from us here in Arizona. The Teenager was happy to hear he was home and back with his family.

You have been such a trooper through it all, an inspiration to others going through the same ordeal. You are truly a vessel of our heavenly father.