Monday, March 21, 2011

Maternity photoshoot

Hello my bloggy friends~
I am now caught up in working ahead and writing a paper for a group fun...not really!

I'm also in the process of packing for our month long vacation from the north is already in the 70s/80s where we are headed so I've had to go through all the past summer clothes and shop for what we/kids needed for Nana/grandma and papa's house!! Quite the chore with four kids. We bought a set of luggage and somehow it doesn't seem enough for six people for an entire month. I'm glad our families have washers cuz I decided I'm packing VERY lightly for the kids. I've learned to pack the army way and ROLL everything! Works great and I can pack a LOT more.

I also did a maternity shoot for this army couple...I was teary-eyed a few times during the shoot as the father-to-be is headed to Afganistan before his little girl will be born. Anyway, I really enjoyed working with this couple. :)

Have a lovely week~ Aubrey

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