Monday, December 28, 2009

Monday Monday Monday

What a weekend...what a monday! At the same time I can praise the
Lord I didn't break any limbs...or take the dog to ER Vet...
I know you're totally confused.

We narrowed it down to "turkey" dog is allergic to turkey.
I don't want to gross you was pretty horrific the mess
on Saturday evening that lasted till approximately 6am on Sunday
morning. My dog was soo sick, Mister gave him and the kennel a
bath...and then it started all over again! Blah....THEN I disinfected
the whole house...since at the time I was paranoid my dog my have H1N1!!!
Alas, we found he cannot have turkey and so he is banned from eating
any table scrapes...much to his chagrin.

No I didn't break any bones...however I can only sit on one cheek!
Oh, and I can stand as long as I don't move. I was a little...maybe
too overdressed to go ice skating with my kids...when I came or rather
bumped-rolled-flopped-bounced-somersaulted, down the stairs to the
bottom. I freaked Mister out...I think he thought I was dead! I
literally had my face to the floor and was scared to move a finger
I was in so much pain. As it is, I didn't break anything, except
maybe a tailbone or fractured a hip bone...who knows...I'm sure
I'll have a little bit of coloring surface to the skin by tomorrow!
Isn't it a bit ironic that I am constantly telling my kids to
walk not run up the stairs and MOMMY is the one to go flying
down the stairs,UPSIDE down...I couldn't look them in the eye.

I popped a few motrin and took them down the street to ice
skate! They're first time on ice skates and they were wizzing
around the rink like they had done it a million times. =) My pics
are a bit blurry as the temperature on that rink was arctic degrees!
So my lens kept fogging up.


Genevieve is using a "walker" to help her learn to ice skate!


My daughters are quite excited about their new Cross Stitch projects. They
love to do crafts. When I was little I loved doing cross stitch patterns.
Remember the iron-on ones? Photobucket

These are only 2.99 at Michaels!

For my sister who wanted to see the Amish buggies that go
past my house! =)

Thank you my friends for all your heartwarming comments! I love to hear from


Carrie said...

Good luck with the soreness tomorrow. We just got our dog back from the vet - She got shot by a neighbor kid, the pellet shattered her bone in the leg and she had to have surgery. But the kid's dad paid for it, otherwise don't know what we'd have done! Hope you feel better soon!

Aubrey said...

o my carrie...sorry to hear about your dog! Hopefully it won't be too bad tomorrow!

HOPE said...

Oh me oh my...rumble tumble down the stairs! I sure hope you are okay tomorrow...might catch up with you! I'm sure glad the Mister is home and can take care of you. Lets see...Rub GARLIC every hour on sore spots...and sprinkle Parmesean cheese for good scent.Then have Mister cook angel hair w spaghetti sauce for dinna to match mom's odor of healing! ;)

Praying you don't have any broken bones!

Poor dog...UGH. and poor Carrie's dog. okay GUS is staying in and not eating!


Audra said...

What a story! My goodness, I hope you are on the mend, my daughter fell her first winter in collage and her tailbone still hurts (two years later).

Poor dogie! That had to have been the worst experience! At least now you know he is allergic and what to avoid, I had a little dog that got some pork sausage out of the trash and nearly died from an allergic reaction. Funny we never think about this things with our pets!

I have to tell you I absolutely love the picture of the Amish buggy! It looks like it's out of a story book. I have always been fascinated by the Amish and this picture just warms my heart, even if it looks 10 below out side!

Jessica said...

You poor girl, those are some pretty steep stairs you had to tumble down, I will pray for a speedy recovery for you! Oh yeah and the poor dog, but on the bright side thank you for reminding me why we have no pets in my house right now!

A.B. said...

oh, dear!
I do hope you heal rapidly!
Thank you for the lovely Christmas card,
We were thrilled to get a picture!!!
Happy Happy New Year!

Kelly Johnson said...

Your nephew Cameron must be taking lessons from you! Poor guy fell and skinned his nose up pretty good! So sorry for your sick dog and terrible fall! Loved reading your blog.

Kelly Johnson said...

I forgot to tell you that I LOVE Louis Armstrong singing that song and the picture of the Amish buggies! Wish I had the fortitude to live as they do sometimes. Afraid I like my electric heater that I turn on with a button far too much!

McGuire Family said...

I miss you sissie! ;(

Audra said...

Miss you...I hope you'll be back to blogging soon. :)

Carrie said...

Aubrey, are you there? I hope everything is OK. I check back almost everyday. Hope you're back soon. Love ya!